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“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” 

Romans 8:28.

Traditional Class: 

Typically, 5 or more people. No more than 20.

               Single Class: $15

               4 Class Package: $50

               8 Class Package $95

               16 Class Package $190


2-5 participants, instructor is able to focus on you more than in a large group setting.

               Single Session: $30/person

               4 Session Package:  $95/person

               8 Session Package:  $195/person

               16 Session Package:  $385/person


Just you and the instructor. This is your chance for lots of one on one time and focus. A chance to really polish your technique and grow your abilities.

               Single Session: $45

               4 Session Package: $145

               8 Session Package: $290

               16 Session Package: $575

Training Plan with NO Live Coaching:

               Running OR weight training plan ONLY: $40

               Running AND weight training plan ONLY: $80

               Running OR weight training plan with weekly check in for 10 weeks: $100

               Running AND weight training plan with weekly check in for 10 weeks: $200

Zoom Session:

Wanting to stay home during this uncertain time but still enjoy a quality strength workout or yoga flow? We are now offering Zoom sessions. You and your instructor will be able to see and hear one another during this session. All equipment used will be based on what you have access to right in your home. Included in this cost will be an email to discuss goals, equipment available, level of intensity requested and to set up the date of your call.   $10 per device logged on, you can invite as many friends as you want to join you, in your home or their own. 


Deep tissue massage technique utilizing stainless steel instruments. Treatment will focus on affected area and the space above and below only.

               $1/minute of treatment

               Treatment length is 5-30 minutes depending on the needs of the area



This is a deep tissue decompression technique utilizing silicone cups. Lifting and creating space in the area of discomfort can help to release tension and reduce pain. The treatment isn't painful, but it does often leave a circular reminder after. This is just where the blood has come to the area, which is what promotes the healing to the space.

               $20/treatment (treatment length approximately 15-20 minutes)

Kinesio Tape:

Application of kinesiology tape to area causing issues. Tape can be applied to support the area, work with or against the muscles involved, or to help alleviate swelling depending on the needs of the individual.

               $3/strip applied

Team Training:  

An entire sports or work team who want to work out together with just your group. 10 participants minimum. Up to 30 participants.


Bible Study:

Topic and length of topic will vary. A notebook with study materials will be supplied. Pens will be available to use.

               Donation Based.

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